About Us

About us

Morefight.com is a new combat sports portal. We have been carrying the idea of this type of portal for some time, but as it happens in life, everything has its time and place. And the time for morefight has just arrived. Year 2023 – we have officially launched!

It’s on two at the moment. We are both interested in martial arts. One of us is older, sometimes not keeping up with technological innovations and trends, the other is younger, a little more up-to-date. One of ours is more pro-boxing, the other is more pro-MMA and pro-freak (yes, yes, it’s the younger one). We complement each other, we turn it on, and we make morefight a cool place and it will be even cooler.

The train has left and is accelerating. We invite everyone interested in reading our work and sometimes also re-creation (because it’s worth sharing what wise/interesting someone else wrote) and those who would like to share something with the combat sports community! Let’s get ready to rumble!