Cage Warriors 162

Cage Warriors 162: Rome / Info + Fight card / October 28, 2023

On Saturday, October 28, the Cage Warriors federation will return to Rome with its next event. At the Cage Warriors 162 gala, fans will receive a set of 14 MMA fights. And in the main event there will be a rematch between local heroes, Simone Patrizi (6-1-0) and Dumitru Girlean (6-2-0). Their first fight took place in 2021 at The Golden Cage 3 gala and Patrizi was on top. Both were undefeated fighters before that fight. Now it’s time for a rematch, and although each of them has lost their zero in the record a long time ago, both will want to win and show their best side to their audience.

We have already written about this event and presented the best knockouts performed by the heroes of the upcoming gala. Please click HERE to watch the video.

You can see the complete fight card of this event below.

Cage Warriors 162 fight card:

  • 155 lbs // Simone Patrizi vs. Dumitru Girlean
  • 145 lbs // Simone D’Anna vs. Alberth Dias
  • 125 lbs // M. Lupoli vs. Nicolas Leblond
  • 115 lbs // Micol di Segni vs. S. Jean-Francois
  • 135 lbs // Luca Iovine vs. Andrey Tyshchenko
  • 185 lbs // Leon Aliu vs. Alan Carlos
  • 145 lbs // Daniel Ghercioiu vs. Samir Sadikov
  • 125 lbs // T. Pagliariccio vs. Sam Creasey
  • 145 lbs // G. Mastrogiacomo vs. Valentino Riva
  • 125 lbs // Emanuele Tetti vs. Alessio Barbara
  • 145 lbs // Alex Bertinazzi vs. Baris Adiguzel
  • 170 lbs // Khadim Dia vs. Faudel Bentayeb
  • 170 lbs // Costantin Dolghi vs. Daniele Battaglia
  • 145 lbs // Matteo Martignoni vs. A. Lupieri

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